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Get deep relief and clarity without psychotherapy. Find out how in a fifteen minute call.
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If you need someone to talk to

A professional listener can help you heal, de-stress and get your power back without needing to fix who you truly are



In this free call with the Founder, you will be introduced to a new way to feel your best, be heard and understood and reclaim your worth.

During our call, we will talk about:

1. Why consider working with a professional listener if you need to talk to someone

2. What sets listeners apart from counselors, life coaches, therapists, experts and psychologists

3. Why we think giving you advice is not the solution and how we allow you to find your own answers

4. How a listener can help with your current situation, worry or frustration you are facing in life

5. What you will experience in a listening session

want someone to talk to because you are

feeling judged, misunderstood, undervalued or overwhelmed?

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  • Are you tired of being criticized and judged by those around you?
  • Are you looking for a spiritual way to heal without psychotherapy?
  • Are you drained with the unnecessary advice people are forcing upon you?
  • Do you feel people have the wrong idea about who you are?
  • Are you yearning for clarity about a particular decision or situation?
  • Do you need to confide in or express yourself to someone you can trust?
  • Is your heart hurting from a recent or past trauma?
Hi, I'm Mubeena

Hi, I'm Mubeena

I help adults get the relief and clarity they deserve without psychotherapy. So if you are looking for someone to talk to right now, you’re in the right place.