01. Open

She has heard it all, so there is no subject out of bounds, from work issues to relationships and dreams to regrets.

02. Insightful

She combines her studies in existential philosophy, psychology and workplace dynamics in her unique art of Listening style.

03. Empathic

She removes pressure to conform to unnatural expectations placed by friends, family, colleagues or famous authorities.

With a background in Psychology, Philosophy, and Counseling, Mubeena, Your Listener has a life purpose to help and heal others through the art of active Listening.

Her career as an Organizational Psychologist for the past 18 years has her working with people from all backgrounds, nationalities, beliefs and cultures.

Her work with Government and private entities in major consulting engagements has given her added insights into how people heal and grow in all kinds of environments.

She believes that most challenges and issues are a result of poor listening skills and lack of empathy, whether it be in business or in life. Individuals regularly seek her out as a sounding board for their personal thoughts, ideas, and feelings.

Her clients include professionals from every field, all cultural backgrounds and varying personalities. She has heard it all, so there is no subject out of bounds, from work issues to relationships and dreams to regrets.

Out of her natural ability to bring relief and clarity, the art of Listening is now one of her callings. She has actively listened to over 400 people since launching her practice in February 2016.

Mubeena has mastered the art of Listening with no labeling, no dishing out advice, and no more “I Told You So’s”. Her core idea is for people to find their own answers by offering anonymous understanding.

This technique works naturally as she consciously removes the pressure for clients to conform to expectations put on them by friends, family, bosses, colleagues or famous authorities.

She combines her studies in existential philosophy, psychological research and workplace dynamics in her unique art of Listening style.

Mubeena was born in India and got her Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees at Hofstra University, New York, USA. She currently lives in Dubai and still continues working as an Organizational Psychologist, Painter, Writer, and Professional Listener.

For the first time, someone really understood me.

Dubai, UAE

Confiding in somebody who doesn’t care about your past is so much easier.

Pune, India

I was shielded from the harsh criticism I am normally used to.

New York, USA

Letting my thoughts out started the process of closure for me.

Toronto, Canada

Listen to David from Manchester, UK

"It was transformative and priorities emerged"

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Be You

Delete all the pressures that come with fitting in, following rules and conforming to standards you don’t agree with.

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Traits You Should Look For

Qualities of an Authentic Listener


A true Listener thinks about the big questions of life and does not get phased by it. She does not seek final answers either. Questions matter more than some correct answer.

Soul Purpose

A Listener believes that every person has come to experience life and lessons for the soul. There is no greater purpose than to be present in the moment. All we have is now.


The highest ethics of a Listener only concerns the practice of non-judgement and an unconditional respect for the other’s choice. Freedom is the basis for every thought, decision, action and belief.


To understand what the other is going through at this moment is what a true Listener aims for. Situations don’t remain permanent but their effects last and a Listener absorbs them.


There is no one a Listener spills others’ beans to. Whatever is revealed is understood, absorbed, meditated upon and released. She has no need to tell on others’s secrets.


An authentic Listener offers compassion, not advice. Sarcastic, patronizing or condescending remarks are unheard of. There’s no telling another what to do, who to be or how to feel.

Question for Her?

Go ahead. There are no silly questions. She gets all kinds.