How Listening Sessions Work

What we Do
Here is what you will experience in a nutshell. For 60 minutes of pure unadulterated time, you get to speak your heart and mind and bare your soul if you want to in a safe, quiet and anonymous space.

An Alternative Way to Heal

The Way Listening Works


60 Minutes

For an hour of Listening time, you will be able to speak about anything on your mind. This is a no-holds barred session, and no subject is off limits. Expect complete confidentiality, and the session will not be recorded in any form.

No Judgement

This is not counseling or a psychological evaluation. There will be no diagnosis of your thoughts. It is not the Listener’s job to provide suggestions or answers, although many answers are revealed through this process.

Clarity & Relief

Relief and clarity are guaranteed. Expect your Listener to laugh with you, feel for you, and stand under your thoughts. Think of your Listener as a mirror who reflects a clearer version of you back to yourself.

Thanks for Understanding

Our Terms and Limits

Before you book a paid session, please note our terms and conditions.

We are not medical, psychiatric or psychological evaluation specialists, and we will not be advising you on any conditions related to them. 

Actually, as a professional listening service, we are required not to advise you at all. Neither do we probe with any kind of leading questions.

You will simply be provided a space and time to express yourself freely in the moment for the pure intent to feel relief and clarity.

If you have a question about any of our terms, how our service will make a difference in your life, or about who will be conducting your sessions, book a free call to understand more.

When you book your free call with our Founder exclusively through the link below, we promise to gift your first full length session at 86% off the usual price.

Book Appointment

Once A Week Max

All Listening sessions are limited to one hour only. You will not be able to book multiple hours on the same day. If you would like to book another session, you will be able to do so only after a gap of 5 business days.

Online AUDIO Only

All sessions are conducted online using audio only. There will be no video to respect your ultimate privacy of space and non-judgment about your appearance. A link will be sent to you via email that you will log on to at the scheduled date and time of your appointment. 


Payment will be made in advance through the online booking system when you book sessions. If you purchase a monthly package, you may request for an invoice after 4 sessions. Feel free to reschedule but there are no refunds.


Please notify your Listener at least 30 minutes via email prior to your scheduled session if you will not be able to attend. Your Listener also promises to be available and ready 5 minutes before session starts and will inform you of any delays via email.

Forfeited Session

If you haven’t officially canceled with your Listener, and you are late by 15 minutes or more, you will need to reschedule your session online at a later date or time. You will be notified by email that you missed your scheduled session.

No Social Contact

After your session has ended, you will not hear from your Listener. Your Listener will not socialize, chat or talk with you on social media, phone or in person. You will interact with her at your next session online, should you choose to book again.

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You First
Unlike a friend, your Listener expects nothing in return. Your only obligation is to put your thoughts and feelings first, above everyone else in your life.
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